Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thank you to everyone who has entered the raffle to date. There's only 2 weeks left to enter! As a special bonus, when we get to 4,000 fans, we will randomly pick 6 and whoever has a raffle ticket will win a Nexus print!

$5 buys you a raffle for a free 11"x14" marker commission sketch, character of your choice, subject to Steve's approval and our eternal thanks for your support and keeping Steve in art supplies!

Raffle runs through March 31st with a winner drawn April 1st (but this is no April fool!). Steve also said that if we can get up to 200 orders he'll add color! We're also considering videotaping Steve doing the sketch and add that with the winner's package.

Funds are being used for art supplies, models, photo reference, and the occasional Subway sandwich. Turkey, extra olives and bell peppers, hold the mayo.

Enter today:

A Note of Thanks from the Dude

I want to thank everyone for writing in to comment so consistently on my latest pictures. Jaynelle prints your remarks for me on a regular basis, and I especially like when people go into detail about what strikes them about a particular piece. I've always received little feedback of this kind at conventions, so this a great way for me to hear your impressions. Also, I'd like to know what all you do for a living. Other than Ken Meyer jr., who is a fantastic and long undersung watercolorist, I don't know much about you other commentators. Do you all have exciting jobs like the Dude?

Keep sending in your comments. Thanks to Gino, our fan base is always expanding to include new thoughts.

The Dude

Dude Comment of the Month

Dude's Daily Diatribe:

Today, someone mentioned that Marvel intends to "kill off" one of the members of the Fantastic Four. Interesting. Normally, choosing the color of my socks generates more reflection. But one thought did occur to me; Is this the only way comic companies can hook your attention these days? Who ever had to die in 102 issues of the Stan and Jack run? Anyone? I guess when the well runs dry, companies must now resort to things other than pure, unrestrained imagination and someone "Must Die!".


Steve Rude 2010 Sketchbook

"I wanted these books, more than anything else, to be fun."

You probably assume you're reading the latest quote from the Dude on why he devoted his last 3 decades as an artist in the comic-book field. No. Sorry. Stan Lee, reflecting on his days as Marvel's head writer during the 1960's, beat me to it.

Stan's philosophy may also explain why I've spent most of my time these days on Gallery work instead of the "so serious our faces crack" world of today's comics. Maybe when things lighten up and people get their perspective back I’ll think about returning.

Inside this year's sketchbook, we've tried a different approach than previous sketchbooks. Instead of knocking myself out with paragraph after paragraph, explaining my thinking behind each and every drawing contained in these 64 pages, I'll try and sneak out of it by simply inserting the original "fan request" that accompanied these commissions. That way, you'll get to see what I was up against before I began drawing them, and, perhaps even more enlightening, how I interpreted their request.

Why do I still do these commissions if I'm not working in comics anymore? Because I like doing them, mostly. Also, to keep my skills unblunted, to keep my hand in the industry I'll always be known for. Oh, and to keep " the Sillies" well-stocked with those overpriced "pull-ups" (I've made these diaper jokes for years now - I yearn for the day they don't need them anymore!)

Hope these drawings can bring some fun to your day!

In pause for the cause,

The humble Dude