Sunday, March 27, 2011

Steve Rude 2010 Sketchbook

"I wanted these books, more than anything else, to be fun."

You probably assume you're reading the latest quote from the Dude on why he devoted his last 3 decades as an artist in the comic-book field. No. Sorry. Stan Lee, reflecting on his days as Marvel's head writer during the 1960's, beat me to it.

Stan's philosophy may also explain why I've spent most of my time these days on Gallery work instead of the "so serious our faces crack" world of today's comics. Maybe when things lighten up and people get their perspective back I’ll think about returning.

Inside this year's sketchbook, we've tried a different approach than previous sketchbooks. Instead of knocking myself out with paragraph after paragraph, explaining my thinking behind each and every drawing contained in these 64 pages, I'll try and sneak out of it by simply inserting the original "fan request" that accompanied these commissions. That way, you'll get to see what I was up against before I began drawing them, and, perhaps even more enlightening, how I interpreted their request.

Why do I still do these commissions if I'm not working in comics anymore? Because I like doing them, mostly. Also, to keep my skills unblunted, to keep my hand in the industry I'll always be known for. Oh, and to keep " the Sillies" well-stocked with those overpriced "pull-ups" (I've made these diaper jokes for years now - I yearn for the day they don't need them anymore!)

Hope these drawings can bring some fun to your day!

In pause for the cause,

The humble Dude